Pastoral ministry: life and word

by Robert Strivens27 May 2015

Every occupation or profession needs a clear focus: we need to know what our core work is, otherwise we will be constantly distracted from it and are likely ultimately to fail.

Preaching from the Song of Solomon

by Stéphane Simonnin17 February 2015

I think it is fair to say that the Song of Solomon is one of the least read and studied books in the Bible today. When did you last read it or hear a sermon on it?

Heretics are nice people

by Robert Strivens9 February 2015

My former pastor, Bob Sheehan, used to say that a heretic was not distinguishable by his looks: heretics do not have horns or an 'H' imprinted on the forehead. Equally, history suggests that heretics can be very nice people with the best of intentions.

Anglicans take a wrong turn

by Robert Strivens26 January 2015

Today sees the consecration of Rev. Libby Lane as Bishop of Stockport, the first woman to be made a bishop of the Church of England. This is a historic occasion: since Henry VIII’s break with the Church of Rome over 450 years ago, every Anglican bishop in this country has been male - until today.

Christ for Christmas

by Robert Strivens24 December 2014

Herman Bavinck, in his chapter on justification in Our Reasonable Faith, has this tremendous paragraph on the inseparability of justification and the person of Christ.

John Owen: Preaching needs both doctrine and application

by Robert Strivens9 October 2014

Sometimes in preaching, the simplest rules are the best: every sermon needs both doctrine and practical application.

John Owen insisted on this: doctrine alone leads to intellectual pride; application alone leads people away from the gospel. Here is what he says, in his commentary on Hebrews:

LTS Roadshow - Leeds

by Robert Strivens30 September 2014

LTS will be holding a Roadshow for pastors and other church leaders on 21ST October at Tinshill Free Church, Leeds.  We would be very pleased to see any pastors or other church-leaders who would like to come.

What we are hoping to achieve through this roadshow (which we will be holding in various parts of the country) is:

And then came Sennacherib ....

The need for perseverance in Christian ministry

by Robert Strivens18 September 2014

Chronicles is an extraordinarily comforting book.

Faith - a missing element in preaching?

by Robert Strivens30 June 2014

Preachers know that their preaching needs to to expound Scripture accurately and clearly, communicate with the audience in an engaging and structured manner and apply its message to those present. There are plenty of good materials available to help preachers in developing these skills, for which we should be very thankful.

There is, however, one vital element in preaching which can be neglected in our desire to improve our abilities. That element is faith.

How can I know God's will for my life?

Help from John Newton on guidance

by Robert Strivens22 May 2014

John Newton wrote a very helpful letter on the vexed question of guidance - how does the Lord direct us in daily life? What kind of guidance can we expect to receive from God for the decisions we have to make?

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Every occupation or profession needs a clear focus: we need to know what our core work is,...