The Public Reading of Scripture

by Robert Strivens16 July 2013

Paul the apostle urged his trusted associate Timothy to ‘give himself to reading’, an instruction most naturally taken to refer to the public reading of Scripture in the meetings of Christian believers (1 Tim. 4:13). Since earliest times, such reading has been a standard part of the church’s corporate worship. How is it faring in our own age?

Ravaka Rajo Nantenaina (1966-2013)

by Robert Strivens9 July 2013

A thanksgiving service for the life of former LTS student Ravaka Rajo, from Madagascar, was held last Saturday at Trinity Road Chapel in  Tooting. It was a God-honouring time - of sadness, as we reflected on the loss of Ravaka and what that must mean to his family and friends left behind, but also of thankfulness for all that the Lord had done in and through him. We continue to pray for Ravaka's widow, Liz, and their children, Anna and Jonathan.

Here is the text of the tribute that I gave at the service on behalf of LTS.

Annual Thanksgiving Service 2013

by Robert Strivens29 June 2013

The LTS Annual Thanksgiving Service takes place today at 2:30pm at Kensit Evangelical Church. Our preacher is Rupert Bentley-Taylor, pastor of Widcombe Baptist Church. Leaving students will be speaking briefly about what they are hoping to do next. All are welcome. Please pray for the Lord's blessing on the meeting.

Graham Harrison, 1935-2013

by Robert Strivens21 May 2013

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death, on Monday, of Rev. Graham Harrison. Mr Harrison was one of the original team of lecturers at LTS, teaching systematic theology here from the establishment of the Seminary in 1977 through to his retirement in 2007, when he joined the Board.

Decline of British Christianity

by Robert Strivens17 May 2013

The decline in the number of British Christians is apparently even more rapid than the recent UK census initially suggested. According to the Daily Telegraph (16th May 2013), the Office of National Statistics has analysed the census figures further and concluded that foreign-born Christians living in the UK blunted the impact of the real rate of decline of Christianity amongst British-born UK citizens.

Simplicity in Worship

by Robert Strivens10 May 2013

Is our worship becoming too complex? Is it in danger of losing its focus?

The New Testament pattern for the corporate worship of the church is simple: the reading of Scripture, public prayer, singing and the preaching of the Word are the components. Of these, the preaching is to be the climax, as we listen to God speaking to us through his appointed servant. God's people are to join together in these activities with hearts that are pure, through the blood of Jesus Christ, approaching God through his Son, with faith in him.


by Robert Strivens7 May 2013

My wife and I have just returned from a most enjoyable weekend in Aberystwyth, staying with friends from London. The weather was warming up, the sea was blue and the town looked as attractive as ever, set amongst the beautiful hills and mountains which surround it.

Noah and the Flood

Preaching Mercy

by Robert Strivens7 May 2013

As we have seen (30th April), the human race was no better after the flood than before it. The flood did not cure us of the sin we inherit from Adam. Before the flood, God’s verdict on mankind was ‘evil’; after the flood it was the same: ‘every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood’ (Gen. 8:21).

God would therefore be justified in destroying us all, at any time, just as he did in Noah’s day.

Noah and the Flood

Preaching Judgment

by Robert Strivens30 April 2013

It’s easy to shirk unpleasant duties - whether it’s confessing it was you who left the milk out overnight, or confronting a church member about the unacceptable way in which he is treating his wife.

Absence and Return

by Robert Strivens19 April 2013

Apologies for the lack of blogs over the past few weeks. I have been away - visiting seminaries in the USA, teaching and preaching in Romania, attending the Banner of Truth ministers’ conference and taking a week’s holiday. I hope to resume normal blogging service shortly.

In the meantime, please read and enjoy Barry King’s article on church planting, which you can find on the ‘articles’ tab of this journal.