Burying ourselves

by Robert Strivens18 March 2013

Self-burial is one of the most effective methods of spreading the gospel.

It is said that 19th century missionaries departing from Britain for distant shores would sometimes hold a funeral service before they left. They were going to serve for life and they didn’t expect to return.

Their 21st century equivalents don’t generally hold premature funeral services. Air travel means that they can come back and tell us how they are getting on. Nevertheless, they too go to bury themselves.

Where have all the scholars gone?

by Robert Strivens7 March 2013

I read a sad sentence this morning. It is in Invitation to the Septuagint, by Karen Jobes and Moisés Silva (Baker, 2000), an excellent introduction to the Greek OT. After a review of some of the leading LXX scholars of the 19th and early 20th centuries and their painstaking, detailed language and textual work, the authors comment:

Church-Based Training

by Robert Strivens7 March 2013

The lone Christian seeking to prepare himself for ministry entirely apart from the local church is not a phenomenon which the Bible recognises.


by Robert Strivens1 March 2013

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