Anglicans take a wrong turn

by Robert Strivens26 January 2015

Today sees the consecration of Rev. Libby Lane as Bishop of Stockport, the first woman to be made a bishop of the Church of England. This is a historic occasion: since Henry VIII’s break with the Church of Rome over 450 years ago, every Anglican bishop in this country has been male - until today.

And then came Sennacherib ....

The need for perseverance in Christian ministry

by Robert Strivens18 September 2014

Chronicles is an extraordinarily comforting book.

Do You Feel Called by God?

Rethinking the Call to Ministry

review by Robert Strivens

I've just read Michael Bennett's book, Do You Feel Called by God? I admit to coming to it with a slightly heavy heart, thinking, 'Not another book dismissing the idea of an inward call to public gospel ministry'. In fact, I found that I agreed with it, up to a point.

No comparison

by Robert Strivens8 August 2013

One of the greatest dangers in Christian ministry is comparing ourselves with others.

This is a terribly easy trap to fall into. I find myself doing it far too often. Hearing an effective presentation of the gospel, or a clear and well applied exposition of a text, makes me lament the defects in my own preaching. Reading of large churches growing even larger, or of the vibrancy of the family-orientated congregation in the next town, creates a sense of despondency over one’s own rather smaller gathering of believers.