And then came Sennacherib ....

The need for perseverance in Christian ministry

by Robert Strivens18 September 2014

Chronicles is an extraordinarily comforting book.

Are you a happy pastor?

by Robert Strivens21 March 2014

Apparently, clergy come top of a government job satisfaction survey, as reported today. With an average salary of just over £20K, they experience (says the survey) the highest level of satisfaction of all with their chosen profession - ahead of chief executives earning an average of £117K per annum. 117 earning profhighest levels of They  highe

New pastor, old church: beginning a first pastorate ...

... And newly married to a new pastor

by a former LTS student and his wife5 September 2013

Here’s an obvious fact: when you go to your first pastorate, you’re new. You haven’t grown with the rest of the church – your spiritual progress and personal circumstances have been independent of theirs up to now. Two lives are converging that previously ran only in parallel – the new pastor’s life, and the life of this particular local church. So both the man and the church have to work at getting to know each other, allowing for the fact that God has led them along different paths thus far. This is one pastor’s perspective.

How much does a pastor need to know?

Jonathan Edwards on the importance of knowledge for the Christian

by Robert Strivens23 August 2013

Does the Christian need to know very much about his faith, in order to live fully for Christ? And how about preachers and pastors – how much do they need to know in order to exercise a fruitful gospel ministry?

Jonathan Edwards, minister in New England in the eighteenth century, believed that Christians need more than a superficial knowledge of Christian doctrine. Indeed, he argued, it was only through growth in doctrinal knowledge that a Christian could really make progress in his faith.