Reading the Gospels Wisely

A Narrative and Theological Introduction

review by Robert Strivens

Jonathan Pennington is associate professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His book discusses the nature and purpose of the four canonical gospels and sets out a method for reading them fruitfully. This may sound rather obvious and therefore unnecessary, yet these issues have been the subject of intensive discussion amongst New Testament scholars. For pastors and others interested in a clear exposition of the more technical issues and a well argued set of responses, this book will prove helpful.

Ernest Kevan

Leader in Twentieth Century British Evangelicalism

review by Robert Strivens

Ernest Kevan was Principal of London Bible College from 1946 to his death in 1965. He came from a Strict Baptist background and pastored churches of that persuasion for many years before becoming involved with LBC. This new biography of Kevan, by former LBC student Paul Brown, provides a fresh and insightful account both of Kevan’s earlier ministry, as well as the better known LBC years.

Godly Ambition

John Stott and the Evangelical Movement

review by Robert Strivens

On any reckoning, John Stott is a central figure in twentieth-century evangelicalism. Following his death in July 2011, it is inevitable that analysis of his life and work will begin in earnest, building on the two-volume biography by Timothy Dudley-Smith (IVP, 1999-2001). Alister Chapman, history professor at Westmont College in California, is one of the first into this field with this book, which appears to be based on his PhD research and for which it seems he had access to papers not available to Dudley-Smith.

Atheism's New Clothes

Exploring and Exposing the Claims of the New Atheists

review by Robert Strivens

David Glass sets out to answer the claims of the New Atheists - Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett and others who proclaim an uncompromising atheistic creed which vehemently rejects religious belief of all kinds. Glass has a difficult task, as the topics he needs to address range widely and raise questions of great depth.